Miracle Mile Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking is the primary way goods reach their destinations in the US. With so many big rigs traveling our nation’s roadways, it is not surprising that many of them end up in accidents. The resulting injuries may be devastating given the disproportionate size and weight of semis compared to the average car or SUV.

After seeking medical treatment, your focus may shift to how this unfortunate situation upended your life and how you will attend to your current and future needs. A compassionate Miracle Mile truck accident lawyer may help you in your quest to regain your footing. Get in touch with one of our legal professionals today for more insight about your ability to recover compensation.

Injuries and Compensation Related to Trucking Accidents

No matter what type of truck accident – side-impact, jackknife, rollover, under or override – drivers and passengers of other vehicles may suffer severe injuries, some impacting people for the rest of their lives. These types of wrecks may also lead to someone passing away.

Although no amount of money can reinstate an injured person to where they were pre-accident, California Civil Code §§ 3281-3283 recognize that fair compensation should pay for the cost and expenses associated with recovering and ease the injured person’s future burdens. With guidance from a seasoned truck accident litigator, those harmed in trucking collisions may collect sufficient damages to reclaim their lives.

Leading Causes of Semi-Trailer Wrecks

Anyone can make a mistake, and trucker error is one of the more common reasons behind these accidents, but not the only one. Many wrecks occur because drivers need to meet tight deadlines, leading to risky, reckless, and aggressive driving (e.g., speeding). Meeting strict delivery dates may also require truckers to take to the road when they are tired, violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Title 49, Sections 392.3 and 395.3, requiring rest and break periods. As with any motorist, operating a vehicle while texting, otherwise distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol increases the chances of being in an accident.

In addition to driver decisions, trucking companies’ actions can contribute to these mishaps. Business demands may encourage trucking concerns to force tired drivers onto the road and overload trailers. A trucking company’s failure to maintain and repair vehicles, such as allowing vehicles to operate with worn brakes or tires, places rigs in a precarious position that could lead to disaster. Some trucking outfits may also skimp on or provide inadequate training, placing inexperienced and ill-prepared drivers on the road.

Lawyers familiar with tractor trailer accidents may help injured persons investigate the causes and develop a sound plan for collecting fair damages.

Parties Who May Be Held Liable in Miracle Mile

By identifying all of the responsible parties, those involved in truck accidents will be more likely to recover compensation matching the harm they suffered. The liability assessment may start with the driver and their employer, but it does not end there. Other potential defendants include:

  • Truck owners (if leased)
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Parts suppliers
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturers
  • Loading outfits
  • Government entities that maintain the roadway

Semi-trailer collision attorneys may assist with identifying appropriate defendants and hold them accountable through settlement negotiations or in Miracle Mile court.

Get in Touch with a Miracle Mile Truck Accident Attorney

Recovering after an accident with a big rig takes more than effective medical treatment. Your financial and emotional needs will also need addressing. Our skilled Miracle Mile truck accident lawyers understand the challenges you face. They are ready to help you evaluate your options and recover fair compensation from all responsible parties. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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