Anaheim Dog Bite Lawyer

In Anaheim, dogs are one of the most popular household pets and often bridge the species divide to become beloved family members in their homes. However, like all animals, even the most docile-seeming canine can unexpectedly display aggressive or dangerous propensities that result in a dog bite injury.

Even if the dog that injured you has never bitten anyone before, the owner may still be liable for the incident. It is essential to speak with a personal injury attorney in Anaheim early to ensure you do not miss your opportunity to file a personal injury claim, as the statute of limitations is usually two years from the accident. If you are the victim of a dog bite, an Anaheim dog bite lawyer can help you determine who is legally responsible for your injuries and explore the options available to you for pursuing compensation.

Dog Bite Laws in Anaheim

Cal. Civil Code §3342 states that a dog owner is strictly liable for any injuries that their pet causes via a bite if the victim was injured either in public or in a private place where they were lawfully permitted. Strict liability means that a pet’s owner will be legally responsible for any dog bites, even if that person had no prior knowledge of the dog’s propensity to bite and took reasonable precautions to prevent their dog from injuring anyone.

A dog bite attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding an incident in Anaheim to determine whether the victim was on private property legally. For example, a mail carrier who is delivering packages on private property would be there legally, while an intruder likely will not be.

Potentially Dangerous or Vicious Dogs

Vicious and other potentially dangerous dogs have become a growing problem throughout the United States, and these canines have seriously maimed or killed other animals without provocation. For this unique safety risk, Anaheim has regulations dedicated to protecting the public from these types of dogs. There are additional provisions for care that a dog owner must take if they have knowledge that their pet is potentially dangerous or vicious.

Under Ca. Food and Agric. Code §31602, a dog is considered to be potentially dangerous if one of the following criteria is met:

  • Twice in the past 36 months and unprovoked, has engaged in a behavior outside of the dog owner’s property that requires a person to defend themselves against physical injury
  • Unprovoked, has bitten a person and caused a minor injury
  • Twice in the past 36 months and unprovoked, has killed or seriously injured another domestic animal outside of the dog owner’s property

Under Ca. Food and Agric. Code §31603, a canine is considered to be vicious if either an unprovoked dog kills or severely injures a human being or continues to exhibit the behaviors of a potentially dangerous dog despite warnings to the owner. A dog bite attorney in Anaheim could help determine how to proceed if a dog bite victim is injured by a vicious dog.

Criminal Liability for Dog Bites

In addition to civil liability in the form of a personal injury action, a dog bite victim might want to consult a lawyer to discuss options for pursuing criminal charges, as well.

Under Cal. Penal Code §399, a dog owner may be criminally liable for injuries caused by a dog bite. Criminal liability comes into play if the dog owner had knowledge that their dog was a mischievous animal, failed to keep the dog under proper control, and the dog severely injures or kills a person while roaming outside the owner’s care.

Contact an Anaheim Dog Bite Attorney Today

Dog bites that result in death or serious injury are often compensable events, and the dog’s owner may be legally responsible for the victim’s damages. If a dog has bitten you and caused injuries, you may deserve to be made whole by the party at fault. Speak with an Anaheim dog bite lawyer to discuss the best course of action to pursue your claim.

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