Miracle Mile Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites can result in severe injuries with life-altering consequences. If you or a loved one suffer an injury from a dog bite, contact a Miracle Mile dog bite lawyer. While the dog may have caused your injury, you could hold the dog owner liable for your injuries.

A skilled attorney could handle your case from start to finish and increase the chance of recovery. It is your right to hold the dog owner responsible, and a legal professional could help.

Liability for A Dog Bite Injury

Strict liability applies to dog bite cases. Under strict liability, the defendant is responsible for the victim’s damages and may not dispute their fault. However, the defendant may raise the defense of comparative negligence if the victim’s actions contributed to the dog bite.

Strict Liability

Under California Civil Code §3342, the dog owner is liable for a dog bite occurring in a public place or private property where the victim was lawfully present. A person was lawfully on the private property when the dog owner allowed them onto the land, or they are there out of a legal duty. As such, the dog owner is not strictly liable to somebody who is trespassing on their property.

A victim does not need to establish the dog has prior bites or even shown aggression. As such, dog owners may not avoid liability by showing a lack of knowledge of their dog’s prior aggression or attacks. For strict liability to apply, a dog bite, and nothing else, must cause the injury.

Comparative Negligence

The plaintiff is responsible for their actions that led to the dog bite. Therefore, the damages the victim receives are diminished, equivalent to the victim’s contribution to the incident. Thus, if the victim is 25 percent responsible for the dog bite, their damages are reduced by 25 percent.

A victim is comparatively negligent if they provoked or caused the dog to bite them. For help avoiding comparative negligence for a dog bite, the victim should contact a Miracle Mile attorney. Examples of comparative negligence include:

  • Striking a dog
  • Sticking their hand in a dog’s mouth
  • Harassing a dog
  • Provoking a dog

Injuries Arising from Dog Bite Injuries

Injuries suffered from a dog bite can potentially have a lasting impact on the victim. A dog can cause physical injuries such as lacerations, nerve damage, scarring, torn ligaments, and even fractures.

However, dog bites are not limited to physical injuries, and victims often suffer emotionally. Damages are available to the victims for mental anguish or emotional trauma due to the dog bite. Establishing emotional injuries for a dog bite can be difficult, so a plaintiff should call a Miracle Mile attorney for help.

Hire a Miracle Mile Dog Bite Attorney to Represent You

If a dog bite caused an injury to you or a loved one, do not wait and start your path to recovery today. The law provides you the ability to hold the dog owner responsible for the injuries you sustained. Our firm has experienced attorneys ready to evaluate your case and help start your lawsuit.

A Miracle Mile dog bite lawyer could increase your chance of a successful lawsuit and help you recover from the defendant. Schedule a case consultation with one of our firm’s skilled attorneys.

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