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At Benji Personal Injury, litigating personal injury cases is what we do.  We only represent accident and injury victims in pursuing a claim for financial compensation.  That’s all we do.  We recognize, however, that many attorneys are not experts in this field, but may have a client who was injured and needs the help of a top shelf personal injury attorneys.  We can help.  We have extensive experience working with other attorneys who may not have the experience or resources to take on a personal injury case.  For these situations, it may be in a client’s best interest to refer their case to Benji Personal Injury where we will take over the representation and upon settlement of the case pay out a referral fee to the referring attorney.  The client will not see an increase in attorneys fees due to the referral.

All referral arrangements must comply with all applicable laws and regulations including California Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.5.1 which requires fee division among lawyers from different law firms only if (1) the lawyers enter into a written* agreement to divide the fee; (2) the client has consented in writing,* either at the time the lawyers enter into the agreement to divide the fee or as soon thereafter as reasonably* practicable, after a full written* disclosure to the client of: (i) the fact that a division of fees will be made; (ii) the identity of the lawyers or law firms* that are parties to the division; and (iii) the terms of the division; and (3) the total fee charged by all lawyers is not increased solely by reason of the agreement to divide fees.


We’ve paid out multiple six and seven-figure referral fees to our referral partners

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    Benji Personal Injury – Accident Attorneys, A.P.C.

    Benji Personal Injury – Accident Attorneys, A.P.C.