Miracle Mile Child Injury Lawyer

When another person injures a child, it may cause strong reactions from the child’s family. Fortunately, the law provided an avenue for the family to hold the defendant responsible. A Miracle Mile child injury lawyer could help you bring a lawsuit for injuries your child suffered.

A professional injury attorney could ensure help your lawsuit is correctly handled and brought on time while increasing your chance of recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation.

How to Sue for a Child’s Injury

A child is not able to bring a lawsuit until they reach the age of majority. As a result, the family can sue for the child’s injuries, or the child can wait to file the lawsuit until they are old enough. To better evaluate the two options for bringing a lawsuit for a child’s injury, consult with a Miracle Mile attorney.

Waiting to Reach the Age of Majority

A child may wait to bring the lawsuit for injuries they suffered until they reach the age of majority. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure §352, the statute of limitations does not start running until the child turns 18. Therefore, once the child turns 18, they have two years to bring their lawsuit.

However, while waiting, the child is not entitled to any compensation for money spent on medical treatment. As a result, California allows a parent to sue on behalf of the child.

Lawsuit Brought by A Family Member

The family of the child may decide to bring the lawsuit for their child’s injuries immediately. One parent will be appointed to bring the lawsuit on behalf of the child and make all decisions involved in the lawsuit.

Any damages received are placed in a trust available to the child when they turn 18. However, the court may approve certain circumstances when the child may access the money. The money in a trust may be used for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Education

Causes of Child Injuries

A defendant is liable for a child’s injuries arising from their negligence or intentional acts. All persons owe a duty to act in a manner that does not cause harm to others. If another person injures a child, the family could contact a Miracle Mile attorney to help hold that person responsible.

Children are often in situations that could lead to serious injuries if something goes wrong. Parents often place their trust, and their child’s health, in the hands of another person. Additionally, children often play in settings that could lead to harm if others are not carefully watching or are acting irresponsibly.

Injuries can occur due to another person not acting in a reasonable manner. Potential situations leading to a child’s injury include:

  • Daycare accident
  • Playground accident
  • School and bus accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Dangerous children toys

Consult with a Miracle Mile Child Injury Attorney

If another person has injured your child, it is easy to let your emotions cloud your judgement. Luckily, hiring an experienced attorney could prevent your emotions from clouding your judgment when making decisions in a lawsuit. A Miracle Mile child injury lawyer could increase the chance of recovering damages for your child’s injury.

Our firm has experienced attorneys ready to help you and your child hold the defendant responsible. Contact our firm and schedule a consultation today.

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