Miracle Mile Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus accidents can leave their victims with serious injuries, making their life more difficult. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bus accident, you may hold them responsible under the law. If you decide to bring a lawsuit for your injuries, contact a Miracle Mile bus accident lawyer for help.

Our team of experienced attorneys could help you prove the defendant’s liability and increase the amount of damages you receive. To avoid losing out on damages, schedule a consultation today to get started building a convincing case for compensation.

Stages of a Bus Accident Lawsuit

In order to bring forth a lawsuit, the plaintiff is required to present their case within six months of the accident, with an additional six months if the claim is rejected. No matter how valid the claim may be, if a suit is not filed against the at-fault party within the allotted timeframe, they may be barred from pursing compensation.

Once the lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff must supply information about the accident and their injuries to the other party. Once they have the information, the plaintiff must appear for a deposition to answer questions related to the accident, their injuries, and their medical treatment. Additionally, the defendant may request the plaintiff undergo an independent medical examination so a neutral doctor can evaluate their injuries.

The next stage of the lawsuit involves working towards a resolution, either through settlement or litigation. The plaintiff has the final say over the approval or denial of settlement offers made by the defendant. If the sides cannot settle, the lawsuit proceeds to trial or mediation or arbitration if the sides want to avoid a trial.

Causes of a Bus Accident

A bus accident may occur for various reasons, but they typically arise from the defendant’s negligence. The defendant has a duty to act in a reasonable manner that avoids causing harm to another person. When a defendant acts unreasonably, and their actions result in the plaintiff’s injuries, they breached their duty and are liable.

A bus accident does not always include another car or even a crash involving the bus. Pedestrians and passengers on a bus are subject to more dangers than just other vehicles on the road. Common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Single vehicle accidents resulting from a bus driver’s negligence
  • Car accidents involving a second car
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Product defect

The cause of an accident does not impact the plaintiff’s ability to recover damages arising from the defendant’s negligence. Once the plaintiff proves the defendant’s negligence caused their injuries, the plaintiff is entitled to recover damages. A plaintiff who suffered injuries from a bus accident caused by the defendant’s negligence should call a Miracle Mile attorney for help.

Call A Miracle Mile Bus Accident Attorney

An experienced Miracle Mile bus accident lawyer could help you hold the defendant responsible for your injuries. While the defendant’s fault may be straightforward, a lawsuit could pose a potential challenge for you to recover. A skilled attorney could help you handle the lawsuit properly and recover the damages you deserve.

Our firm has experienced bus accident attorneys ready to help you hold the defendant liable for your injuries. Our attorneys are ready to provide you with a case evaluation today.  Call today.

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