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Bicycling is a great way to exercise and get around the city. People in the Anaheim area often meet up in bike groups to socialize on the weekends, and they sometimes use their bikes to commute to work on the weekdays. Unfortunately, as biking has become more prevalent in Anaheim, collisions between bikes and cars occasionally occur, leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

If you are suffering from injuries you sustained when a car hit you while you were riding a bike, an Anaheim bicycle accident lawyer could assist. A successful resolution of a personal injury lawsuit could provide you with the financial means necessary to help you recover from your injuries. Call a skilled personal injury attorney in Anaheim to learn more about getting started with your case.

How Pedestrian and Car Accidents Occur

The majority of biking injuries occur when cyclists fall after losing control of their bikes due to their own carelessness or because they encounter an unexpected road condition, such as a pothole. However, even when a cyclist obeys all rules of the road and exercises caution, injuries are often unavoidable when a driver makes a driving mistake and strikes a bicyclist. As biking has become increasingly popular in the Anaheim area, drivers need to safely share the roads with bikes, which means drivers need to be on the lookout for bicycles. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for drivers to see bikes because they are lower to the ground and smaller. Frequently, cars hit bikes in the following circumstances:

  • At an intersection, when a car turns and cuts off a bike that was going straight
  • When a car driver fails to yield to a cyclist that has the right of way
  • When a car fails to stop as required at a stop sign or red light
  • When a car tailgates a bicycle and is then unable to stop in time to prevent a collision with the bike
  • When a car driver tries to go around a bike, and there is not enough room, resulting in the car sideswiping the bike
  • When someone in a parked car hits a cyclist by opening their car door

Drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road or make negligent or reckless errors are often responsible for cars hitting bicycles. A dedicated attorney with experience in bicycle accidents in Anaheim could help a claimant demonstrate why the driver should be liable. They would look through the evidence from the accident to show that the driver broke the law or breached the duty of care that drivers owe to all other people on the road, such as by speeding, driving distracted, or driving drunk.

Types of Injuries that Can Occur When a Car Strikes a Bike

Since cars are so much bigger and heavier than bikes, bicyclists often suffer devastating injuries or even die when struck by vehicles. Some of the physical injuries often seen after a pedestrian accident are as follows:

A seasoned Anaheim bike crash attorney could help a claimant recover a settlement that addresses all of their physical injuries, as well as any emotional or mental ailments that resulted from the accident.

Meet with an Anaheim Bicycle Accident Attorney

If a car hit you while you were on your bike, you need to work with the right law firm. It is essential that you reach out to a Anaheim bicycle accident lawyer who understands the law and has a proven record of success. Let us perform a free evaluation of your case. Do not delay. Contact us for help today.

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