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One of the most popular transportation choices for both residents and visitors in Anaheim is the bus, including those operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority, Anaheim Resort Transportation, Greyhound, Tres Estrellas de Oro, and FlixBus. While a generally safe way to commute to work or see the sights in a new geography, bus accidents can result in serious or fatal injuries for passengers and other motorists.

If you are injured in an accident that involves a bus, either as a passenger or as another driver on the road, an Anaheim bus accident lawyer could evaluate the circumstances surrounding the accident. The attorney can then help determine whether you have a cause of action against the bus operator.

Common Carrier Responsibilities

In Anaheim, all commercial vehicles designed to carry anyone legally defined as a passenger are considered to be common carriers, including buses. Common carriers owe a particularly high standard of care to their passengers.

Relationship Between Common Carrier and Passenger

As a common carrier, a bus operator is required by law to protect all passengers from undue harm, negligence, and unnecessary risk. A relationship between a common carrier and a passenger begins when an individual identifies willingness to be a passenger – such as by scanning a ticket to board a bus, signing a liability waiver, or checking their luggage. The passenger does not have to have bAdd Newoarded the common carrier for the relationship to exist.

The relationship between the common carrier and the passenger ends only when the passenger reaches a sufficient distance from the common carrier such that they are not subject any longer to risks that the common carrier may create.

Common Carrier Duty of Care

A bus driver must uphold the highest duty of care when carrying passengers, because inherent in becoming a passenger is the individual’s ceding their ability to protect themselves. An Anaheim bus crash attorney could help determine the appropriate standard of care for a given incident.

Elements required of bus operators and drivers to meet the appropriate standard of care include:

  • Driving safely according to vehicle specifications, road conditions, and local law
  • Replacing and maintaining faulty or worn equipment
  • Undergoing regular training
  • Warning passengers of potential damages they may encounter
  • Observing limitations on hours worked to prevent operating the bus while fatigued

Bus Accident Liability

In the wake of a bus accident, it may be difficult to determine which parties may be at fault for the injuries and losses that result. To prove liability, a bus collision lawyer can review the facts of the case to identify whether a party involved has acted with negligence. The attorney may review evidence such as eyewitness reports, photographs of the accident scene, medical documentation, and damaged vehicles to help assess fault.

Some of the people or entities that may be liable in a bus accident, and against which a victim may seek compensation for their fault, include the bus driver, the bus manufacturer, the company that operates the bus, or the entity that hired the bus.

Contact an Anaheim Bus Accident Lawyer Today

Following an accident involving a common carrier, such as a bus crash, it is important for victims to explore the legal options available to them so they can seek appropriate compensation. An experienced attorney could improve your chances of recovering the compensatory amount you deserve by proving fault and a breached duty of care. Contact an Anaheim bus accident lawyer today to protect your legal interests in the aftermath of a related injury.

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