Burbank Firework Accident Lawyer

Every year, thousands of people in Los Angeles participate in firework displays, and most shows proceed without any problems. However, when people act irresponsibly while using or viewing fireworks, they may end up causing substantial physical harm to themselves or others around them and hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoidable losses.

After sustaining a severe injury due to the negligent use of fireworks, you may be wondering what your legal options are. During an initial consultation, a Burbank firework accident lawyer could review your circumstances and explain what might be possible for you in terms of civil recovery. A qualified personal injury attorney could help you pursue every avenue for compensation.

Establishing Fault for Firework-Related Injuries

Proving that someone else is at fault for injuries caused by their misuse of fireworks can be tricky, largely because accidents involving commercial explosives could come about in a variety of ways.

Individual Liability

In a lot of situations, liability for a firework accident belongs to an individual. When a person acts recklessly and directly causes someone else to sustain injuries as a result, that person would be civilly liable for the plaintiff’s damages. Examples of negligent use of fireworks include:

  • Letting children handle or set off the explosives
  • Pointing them at people or buildings
  • Lighting them without securing the base or stand
  • Storing them in a place where they could be set off accidentally

Manufacturer Liability

Some firework accidents stem from a defect in the explosive that existed when the product left the manufacturer. In this situation, liability might lie with the company that made the defective firework.

Owner of the Premises

Other cases might involve negligence during a public fireworks display, in which case ensuing litigation could fall under premises liability law, meaning the owner of the venue would be held financially culpable for the resulting injuries. Guidance from an experienced attorney in Burbank could be key to effectively identifying who is legally responsible for a firework accident and taking appropriate legal action against liable parties.

Rules for Civil Litigation in Burbank

A person who suffers harm due to firework-related negligence may be able to hold the defendant(s) in their claim liable for economic and non-economic losses stemming from the incident. However, civil courts in California have the authority to assign a percentage of fault to injured claimants who contributed to the cause or severity of their own losses. This could reduce a plaintiff’s final damage award by the percentage of blame attributed to them.

California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1 states that most claims are subject to a two-year statutory filing deadline, meaning that individuals who wait longer than 24 months after the incident to begin the litigation process may be barred from financial recovery. An exception to this rule exists if the injured party is a minor at the time of the accident.

In that case, the individual has until two years after their 18th birthday to initiate civil litigation for a firework accident injury. Assistance from a skilled attorney can make a world of difference when it comes to understanding and successfully navigating legal deadlines for cases involving commercial explosive accident in Burbank.

Call a Burbank Firework Accident Attorney for Help

As enjoyable as they are to watch, firework displays can also be very dangerous if the people setting them off do not demonstrate appropriate care and attention. Fortunately, it may be possible to establish civil liability for injuries caused by a firework accident and recover compensation from at-fault parties with the help of a knowledgeable legal professional.

A Burbank firework accident lawyer can provide the support and legal expertise you need to achieve a favorable outcome in your claim. Call today to learn more.

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Benji Personal Injury – Accident Attorneys, A.P.C.