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Drivers have a duty to pull over to the side of the road when they are involved in an accident. Doing so gives the drivers involved the opportunity to assess the damage while it is still fresh, take pictures, and exchange necessary information. For accidents involving hit and runs, however, the victim will not have the opportunity to do so, leaving them injured without any way to recoup their losses. Though the initial outlook may seem grim, an experienced attorney could be of assistance.

An Anaheim hit and run accident lawyer could provide your case with the services necessary for holding the at-fault driver accountable, such as hiring private investigators who could help track down the vehicle at large. To learn more about how to get started, call today

How is a Hit and Run Accident Defined by Anaheim Law?

A hit and run is commonly referred to an accident in which the at-fault party leaves the scene of an accident without providing any identifying information about themselves or their vehicle. To find drivers who fled the scene of an accident in Anaheim, an attorney would work with private investigators to track down the driver. They would visit the location of where the accident occurred, use Google maps images, and ask nearby businesses, if there are any, if they have video surveillance capturing the accident.

Common Causes of Hit and Run Accidents

There are several instances which could cause a driver to flee the scene of an accident. First, some at-fault drivers may not even be aware that they were involved in a collision. For example, if they sideswiped a car or barely clipped another vehicle, they could potentially believe that they were not involved in an accident and keep driving. In other cases, the driver simply thinks they can get away with the accident or they are too intoxicated to operate their care. If the driver is indeed drunk, they may have more of an incentive to commit a hit and run in order to avoid criminal charges.

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

When purchasing auto insurance, drivers should make sure that they have some sort of uninsured motorist coverage in the event of an accident. This type of coverage can compensate the policy holder for their damages in the event that the at-fault party does not have insurance or committed a hit and run. Once an attorney takes charge over a person’s case, one of the first things they would try to determine is whether the victim has this type of policy and whether it would be applicable to their accident.

Speak with an Anaheim Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Hit and run accidents are not only grounds for criminal charges, but for civil liability as well. These types of accidents are known to result in serious injury, potentially preventing you from returning to work, causing you the bear the brunt of your medical expense without any income. In situations like these, an Anaheim hit and run accident lawyer should be one of the first people you speak with following an accident.

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