San Bernardino Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks are incredibly large and heavy vehicles, which become weapons in the hands of a negligent driver. If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle collision, the fault may lie with the driver, shipping company, truck manufacturer, the state for not maintaining roads, or a combination of these possible defendants.

When dealing with severe injuries after an accident, you need experienced personal injury attorneys to advocate for you while you pursue compensation for your injuries. A skilled San Bernardino truck accident lawyer could assist you in determining the liable party and proving their negligence.

Establishing Responsibility for Truck Collision Cases

Every personal injury lawsuit must figure out who is responsible for the accident. When considering shipping vehicle accidents, the responsibility may lie with a variety of parties. A qualified attorney in San Bernardino has seen many truck crashes and could point the injured individual in the direction of those most likely at fault.

Individual Liability for Commercial Vehicle Drivers

All truck drivers are expected to use their training to operate their vehicle safely and legally. This means being aware of obstacles, other vehicles, and complying with traffic laws. Drivers are also required to meet certain regulations for their conduct, including limiting the number of hours they drive, ensuring they rest sufficiently, and keep a maintenance log for their vehicle.

Failure by drivers to operate within the legal limits may be considered negligence. This negligence may mean they are directly responsible for their actions and be liable for the harms they caused the plaintiff.

Liability for Shipping Companies

Most truck drivers have an employer who is in charge of their conduct. Even when the driver was directly negligent, employers are often held responsible for the acts of their employees under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior. This often allows for a much larger pool of potential compensation.

An employer may be directly liable if they:

  • Negligently hire or train drivers
  • Overload or improperly balance trailer loads
  • Permit violations of safety regulations and laws
  • Encourage violations of hours of service, which regulate when a trucker can work and when they must rest
  • Fail to maintain a truck or its parts

If a competent attorney could prove that the claimant’s commercial vehicle crash was caused by any of these acts of negligence, damages may be within reach.

How to Prove Negligence in San Bernardino Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases

To recover damages for a personal injury related to a truck accident, the plaintiff and their attorney must prove that the defendant was responsible for the harm they suffered. This is accomplished by presenting evidence discovered during the discovery phase of the case, demonstrating how the defendant was responsible for the accident.

The California Rules of Evidence govern how evidence must be presented so that it is admissible at trial. Proving a truck accident claim requires the attorney to follow every rule when providing evidence.

A trusted lawyer could properly present the evidence to give the plaintiff the best chance to receive compensation.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in San Bernardino

A truck accident case requires a close examination of the facts and who may be at fault. Multiple defendants may owe you financial compensation, but you must first prove how their negligence contributed to your accident.

For assistance with your claim, contact a proactive San Bernardino truck accident lawyer today.

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