Los Angeles County Firework Accident Lawyer

Fireworks are a popular way to enjoy holidays and major events. Celebrating with spectacular displays is fun until someone is injured, however. Firework shows can go wrong, and many accidents occur every year because of an individual’s misuse of explosives.

When you are injured by a commercial explosive due to negligence, a personal injury attorney could help determine whether you have a valid claim for financial compensation. Let a Los Angeles County firework accident lawyer represent your interests both in and out of court and seek compensation as your diligent legal representative.

Firework Accident Injuries

Fireworks, while beautiful, are incredibly dangerous. This is true even in the hands of professionals, but especially so when amateurs are setting off commercial explosives. People sustain serious injuries every year as the result of negligent use of a firework, including:

  • Loss of fingers or other appendages
  • Damage to eyes and eyesight
  • Destruction of eardrums due to close-proximity explosions
  • Severe burns
  • Lung and smoke damage
  • Penetrating injuries from rockets and debris
  • Death

A compassionate Los Angeles County attorney may be a good advocate for someone facing injuries resulting from the reckless use of fireworks.

Property Damage Caused by Fireworks in Los Angeles County

Property damage is one of the most common results of firework negligence. Stray commercial explosives fired in the wrong direction may hit homes, businesses, and much more.

Property damage commonly caused by fireworks includes:

  • Broken windows
  • Destruction or damage to cars
  • Damage to roofs
  • Home fires
  • Damage to trees and other landscaping

If property is damaged or destroyed due to the negligent use of fireworks, the defendant may owe the plaintiff compensation.

Who is Liable for Firework Accidents in Los Angeles County?

Fireworks carry a unique danger. Users and creators of commercial explosives are expected to operate at a higher level of care than would be required of them in other circumstances. This high standard applies to several categories of people and could therefore create civil liability for any of the following parties who fail to exercise reasonable care while using or manufacturing fireworks.


Personal use of fireworks typically results in liability for everyone who contributes to an otherwise avoidable accident. This may be one or multiple people, depending on the circumstances. It is a jury’s responsibility to assign liability to involved parties during a subsequent firework injury lawsuit.

Companies and Property Owners

In case involving professional firework shows, the person who caused the damage often bears partial responsibility in addition to their employer or supervisor, who may also be responsible through vicarious liability doctrines. Often, the owner of the property where commercial explosives are set off can be held liable through premises liability law when they fail to keep their land free of known or foreseeable hazards. Misuse of a firework by a property owner, or someone they hired or allowed onto the premises, could constitute an actionable failure to protect guests from foreseeable harm.


It is also possible for a firework to have a defect from when it was manufactured, in which case, the company that made it could be held responsible in a product liability suit for allowing a dangerous commercial explosive to enter the market.

Statute of Limitations in Los Angeles County

In most circumstances, California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1 allows injured parties to file a claim for up to two years after the date of injury. However, minors injured by negligent use of fireworks have two years after their 18th birthday to file for compensation, regardless of when the accident took place. An attorney who is experienced in commercial explosive accidents could help identify the individual or entity most likely at fault and assist in filing a lawsuit in the allotted timeframe.

Seek Help from a Firework Accident Attorney in Los Angeles County

Despite their beauty and jubilance, fireworks are incredibly dangerous. If you suffered harm as the result of a person’s negligent use of commercial explosives, you might be entitled to compensation.

A competent Los Angeles County firework accident lawyer is prepared to assist you. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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