Anaheim Concussion Injuries Lawyer

Concussions are a unique type of brain injury that occurs when an external impact or sudden jarring motion causes the brain to bounce off the interior of the skull. This internal impact may lead to brain cells being unnaturally stretched or compressed, and in some cases affected cells may not be able to perform their usual functions as efficiently.

If you or a family member sustained avoidable harm through one or more concussions caused by someone else’s misconduct, seeking a seasoned traumatic brain injury attorney’s assistance should be a priority. Once retained, your dedicated Anaheim concussion injuries lawyer could explain your legal options and work tirelessly to pursue fair compensation to suit your needs.

Causes and Effects of Severe Concussions

No standard test to determine conclusively whether someone has sustained a concussion, so most diagnoses stem from observation of symptoms that manifest within a few hours or days of the initial injury. Most concussions result in relatively minor symptoms like headache, nausea, unusual fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and increased sensitivity to noise and/or light.

In children, mild to moderate concussions may be characterized by listlessness, irritability, loss of balance, changes in preferred foods or toys, and shifts in sleeping patterns. More severe concussions may lead to debilitating symptoms like prolonged loss of consciousness, repeated vomiting, uneven or abnormal pupil dilation, persistent tinnitus, profound confusion, loss of motor or sensory function, and/or seizures.

An individual who displays any of these symptoms after sustaining head trauma should seek medical attention immediately to ensure that no lasting damage has been done. Any time a concussion stems from or is significantly worsened by another person’s negligence, it may be worth speaking with a knowledgeable Anaheim attorney about legal options.

Establishing Fault for Concussion-Related Losses in Anaheim

If someone sustains a concussion, seeks appropriate medical treatment, and does not experience any further head trauma while healing, they usually will not suffer any long-term damage and will be back to normal after a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, sports leagues, both professional and amateur, do not always follow established concussion treatment protocols and may encourage injury victims to continue with the activity that led to them getting hurt in the first place. This could result in their injury worsening that may end up causing lifelong harm.

Any person who either sustains a concussion or suffers avoidable harm because their concussion was not treated appropriately could have grounds to seek civil recovery for every problem their mistreatment caused, including:

  • Additional medical expenses
  • Lost work income and/or earning capacity
  • Lost enjoyment of life due to long-term disability
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional/psychological trauma

A knowledgeable lawyer could discuss what losses may be factored into a specific concussion injury claim.

An Anaheim Concussion Injuries Attorney Could Help

Of all the of damage the human body can sustain, concussions are some of the most deceptively dangerous and difficult to diagnose. Because they can vary so much in terms of symptoms and cause increasingly worse harm over time, these ostensibly minor brain injuries can have devastating repercussions if left untreated. This is especially true if a person who suffers one experiences additional head trauma while still recovering from their initial injury.

Fortunately, help is available from capable legal professionals who have handled similar claims before and could provide irreplaceable assistance with pursuing a positive outcome to yours. Contact an Anaheim concussion injuries lawyer today to learn more.

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